Buying on the Country Mile

Why Buy from The Country Mile?

Curation, curation, curation….

Our network of country lovers scour the country markets, shops and barns to find wonderful items that will make your British country life even better

We’re not interested in ‘doddle devices’ or dust-gatherers, or panic gifts; everything on this site has a purpose and a plan behind it

We’re always keen to see innovation, but we’d rather offer you a better wheel than one re-invented for the hell of it

Everything is tried and tested by us

Going that extra country mile….

Whilst your contract is directly with the supplier from whom you buy the product or service, we keep an eye on all our sales, and you can always come to us with any queries

Our personal shopping adviser, Laura Kendall, and her team, are available online for you for any questions on products, gifting suggestions, and we also would love to hear your ideas about items you’d like to see on the site (if you suggest an item, and we end up stocking it, you’ll earn yourself an extra country mile… which brings us neatly to…

Our Loyalty Scheme…earn yourself an extra country mile each time you make a purchase from our site. You can use these miles whenever you re-purchase, or you can save them up …whenever you do use them, your extra country miles (I guess we’ll call them ECM for short) will take money off your bill at the checkout

We care about the countryside and British country businesses

We aim to encourage British country businesses by offering them excellent terms of business which will help them grow

We will promote charitable businesses and trusts which provide employment in the countryside, and we will regularly feature, and donate to, conservation charities