Charlie's Trout

At Charlie's Trout we believe that we have the recipe for success. We have combined the very finest English trout with the highest level of craftsmanship. The fish are raised in the fast moving crystal clear waters from England's famous chalk rivers. We work with farmers with a lifetime of experience, the very highest standards and a name for excellence. Our fish are smoked to order, for up to 16 hours, using the delicate flavour of Wiltshire grean oak. Finally, our trout is hand sliced, hand packed and sent straight  to the customer's door by overnight delivery.

Smoked trout is delicious at any time.  Trout that has been caught and smoked just for you tastes even better. Charlie's methods and excellent husbandry ensure that each mouthful is a taste of heaven on earth
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Please refer to BACM’s customer terms and conditions here

We charge £5.50 for all UK mainland addresses. For all other destinations please contact the office and we will do our utmost to help.

Our trout is so fresh we don’t carry stock on the site, we only catch and smoke the trout when you place your order. The preparation and smoking process takes between 3-6 days, with delivery to the customer on Fridays.

If you wish to place more than one order please email the office with the details and addresses and we will take care of everything including ringing you back for payment.

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